Youssef Kromah

(eBook) An Ocean of Oud

Sometimes we awaken spiritually not because of any outward practice of religiosity or spiritual rigor. We may awaken simply because we are sick and can’t stand the suffering anymore: we awaken because we want to heal. Many times we face pain so great that we must focus on surviving one day at a time, or even by the hour or the minute. During these moments, it feels as if our hearts naturally gravitate toward the spiritual, as there is only so much sadness, fear, and grief a human heart can hold before it breaks.

We long to find the good in the bad, purpose in suffering, and safety in the unknown. Once we finally let go of fear and take a leap of faith, we experience that familiar sense of peace and safety that seems to transcend suffering. Although living by faith is nourishing at all times in our lives, leaning into the faith during our most difficult moments provides a distinct opportunity to deepen our conviction.

If you are going through a severe illness, heartbreak, depression, or any other kind of pain, feel confident that holding onto your beliefs will touch every aspect of your life—your spirit, mind, and physical body. Let go of your fear, and nourish your soul through faith. We have gathered in these pages excerpts from the Quran and the Prophetic tradition that build and fortify spiritual strength.

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