Youssef Kromah

Big Halal Steppa

Many people have followed us on social media for years, taking note of our various triumphs in both the spiritual and material aspects of our lives, wondering how we’ve accomplished so much and continue to ascend the social/spiritual ladder, believing and hoping they can do the same by recreating the process in a microwave minute.
But real change comes not from the outside in, but from the inside out. And the most fundamental way of changing yourself is through a paradigm shift.

That paradigm shift is a new way of looking at the world. “Big Halal Steppas: Seven Principles to Living a Blessed & Bossed Up Lifestyle” presents an approach to effectiveness based on character and principles grounded within the Quran and the Prophetic tradition. Big Halal Stepping is a vibe, an entire way of life centered around worshiping God, honoring family, getting to the bag, eating healthy and staying Sucka free. We invite you to join the Big Halal Steppa movement. Bismillah.

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