Youssef Kromah

(eBook) Majnoon: Those Led By Love Never Go Astray


Love makes us do the craziest things - insane things even. Acts that, under normal circumstances, we could never see ourselves doing in a million years. Yet, there you are doing them. Falling in love causes us to relinquish our sense of reason and reality. While in this state there is nothing more catastrophic to the lover then unreciprocated love, which also, drives us to another form of  madness. So, what is a poor soul to do?

MAJNOON is a collection of poetry and prose on the phenomenon of love and all of its beautiful and monstrous possibilities. The author presents love as both a lived reality and a form of art, a prowess that can be taught, developed and passed along. The fact that love is a magical and mysterious sensation does not mean that it cannot be studied and mastered. Youssef teaches love as a permanent state of being, an embodiment of a profound reality, as opposed a short-lived experience or temporary state of insanity. In these pages you will find a method to the madness of love. Insha’Allah.

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