Youssef Kromah

(eBook) Son of Sun & Moon

Light is the timeless secret of the universe; a secret that once whispered into the cosmos and caused the stars to coruscating, the moon to dazzle and the sun to burst into voracious flames. This Secret has ninety-nine names. In every waking moment, it is seeking to make Itself known. It is the impetus of every rising and setting sun, every oscillating moon, shimmering star, and opening eye. And were it not for the great calamity of mankind falling into the darkness we would remember that it was The Light that brought us here, it is The Light that powers our existence and it is to The Light that we shall ultimately return.
Son of Sun and Moon is a collection of poetry that explores the significance of light and darkness as a means to unpack the human experience. The books have 60 poems placed masterfully into four chapters: Servant of The Light (On Spirituality & Servanthood), Fifth Degree Burns (On Growth & Transformation), Photosynthesis (On Seeking & Finding Love) and Moonlit Melanin (On Blackness & Identity).

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