Youssef Kromah

Learn to Read & Write Arabic In 30 Days

$149.99 $200

Learn to Read & Write Arabic In 30 Days

with Ustadh Youssef Kromah

If you’ve been too intimidated to start learning Arabic, this is your chance! Through my Learn to Read & Write Arabic in 30 Days course each student will be given an opportunity to start learning Arabic from the very beginning stage and move slowly but steadily to literacy.

The lessons teach you through patterns, repetition, and participation. The class structure and engaging material will ensure that you won’t get bored. Once you’ve learned and mastered the first three units, you will find yourself able to read small words and from there entire sentences. This course won’t teach you complex grammar, morphology or how to speak with perfect fluency. But, it will help you dip your toes in the Arabic language without getting discouraged and most importantly teach you how to read!

Click the link to register now and let your journey begin!

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