Youssef Kromah

(eBook) Woke: In Wake of The Wide Awakening


Woke: In Wake of The Wide Awakening, is a masterful collection of poetry, traversing through the tumultuous studies of the spiritual ordinance, the inner-dimensions of human fragility, the magnetism of love, and the noxious effects of unchecked racism and systematic oppression.

The author pens every poem as if it were his very last, pulling not a single punch, and using not a single word sparingly. Each piece is structured and designed to have the impact of micro-earthquakes centered strategically beneath the hearts and minds of all those between the spectrums of half-woke, entirely comatose, and soundly asleep. Each tremor will jar the reader out of their dreams, sending them into an initial state of vexation, into a state of restlessness, then into a state of watchfulness, and finally into one of complete and utter wakefulness.

This book is divided into four distinctive chapters, commencing with Seeking God’s Face, then moving seamlessly to Unguarded & Utterly Exposed, and then to Honeytrees & Lemonbees, and finally culminating upon Hues of Black & Blue, each chapter, serving its own unique role in the initial demolition and later reconstruction of human thought, emotion, and belief.

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